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Halal Certificate

Halal Certification Guide:

In the period of 28 (2016) 4 (revised edition)

What is Halal?

“Halal” is Arabic meaning “things recognized by the Islamic law (things)”.

Principles on Halal:
As the “forbidden food for those who believe in Islam”, the Quran clearly shows what is devoted to God other than Allah, dead, live blood, pig (meat) and Allah. Also, as a thing to avoid, there is Hamul (a drunken one).
Halal certification proves that these substances are not contained at all from the beginning to the end of the subject, from the raw material to the finished product in the product, nor is there any possibility of mixing with such substances , Declare the legality of the product on Islamic law to Muslim consumers.

Necessity of understanding Islam:
In order to tackle Halal certification, correct recognition about Islam and Halal is necessary. Companies wishing for certification are required to learn about Islam while taking measures to halal.