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Posted on Jun 29, 2013 in Education Program | تعليق

مدرسة يوآي الإسلامية الدولية



Thousands of children from Muslim families are living throughout the country of Sakura today. In Yuai International Islamic School, We believe that this young generation is like flowers of Islam. In the future, these flowers will bloom into good Muslims whose kind heart and good manner will make people feel the beauty of Islam. With their intelligence and rich knowledge based on strong Iman, they will be able to serve humanity and contribute to the society. A good education as well as Islamic environment that can protect their Aqidah are crucial in order to nurture them and make these flowers bloom beautifully. Inshaa Allah.

Our young generations are the flowers of Islam and when they bloom, through their action and contribution, inshaAllah they would show the world that Islam is indeed rahmatan lil ‘alamin, blessings for earth and all human.

May the beauty of these flowers spread the beauty of Islam to Japan and to the world.

May your waqf become the nutrition and fertilizer for these flowers. May Allah Grant you the best reward in Jannah.

Yetti Dalimi

Head of YUAI International Islamic School