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Posted on Aug 24, 2013 in Uncategorized | تعليق

أنشطة المركز الإسلامي الأسبوعية

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The following is the Islamic center  Saturday Program schedule that will be held at Yuai International School 

on March 11th   2017  

          2.        Arabic Class :

Advanced ,Intermediate and Beginner Level

Place   : Yuai International school 1st floor Class Room.

 Time    :

 中級2 午後 1000 ~ 1145 am

 中級3  午後 1200~ 145 pm

 上級     午後 215  400 pm

   初級  ( Sunday 12th  ) 10:00   11:45am

    中級1   (Sunday 12th )  11:45   1:30 pm        

Teacher :              Mr Yousry Elhamzawi


2.        TAQWA-YUAI Islamic Class for children


Place   : Yuai International school 2nd floor

Time    : 15:00 am -17:00pm

3.       Arabic class for children



Intermediate : 14:10 to 16:10 pm (6yrs ~ )


Teacher : Mr.Abdelghany, a native speaker from Morocco .

Place : YUAI international school

Fee  : 2000 yen /month


4.        KARATE class for children


Place : YUAI international school

Time:12:30 to 14;00

Fee  : 1000 yen /month


6.Al-Quran class

     Place   : Yuai International School B1F

Time    : 12:00 am -1:00 pm (adults )

Title   : Learning to read Al-Quran

Learning how to memorize Al-Quran

Mr. Zakariya  Alhabib


7- Islamic Lecture 

Place   : Yuai International School 1F
Time    : 1
7:00pm – 19:30pm

Insight into sirat al rasoul mohamed (MPBUH), the untold stories)!.

What happened after the battle of Bano Quraizah. till the Peace treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

Instructor: Dr. Ahmad Hegab

Dr. Hegab has been a dawa activist for more than 13 years. He lectured and gave speeches in various mosques and schools in Japan

and in California, USA. He participated in various interfaith dialogues and dawa debates with Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics and

non-religious people etc. His main focus is “Exposing the precious core of Islam beyond its outer crust, for both Muslims and non-Muslims”.


There will be a light dinner served after the lecture.

Islamic Center – Japan
1-16-11 Ohara, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
Tel: 03-3460-6169 Fax: 03-3460-6105